Cleaning for a Reason


Bob and Jen Eastman, the proud owners of JW Cleaning LLC, are so excited to be part of Cleaning for a Reason! With so much gratitude for the abundant blessings we have received in this business and in our lives. We have a strong desire to give back, and we feel a calling from God to bless others whenever an opportunity arises.

We have chosen to partner with Cleaning for a Reason, an amazing organization that pairs us up with patients so we can offer free home cleanings for patients battling cancer. The significance of this cause is deeply personal to us, as we have witnessed the devastating effects of cancer firsthand, having seen and lost loved ones to this relentless disease.

Cancer takes an immense toll on every aspect of a person's life. It is a relentless force that exhausts the body, mind, and spirit. Witnessing our daughter Nichole’s journey and my husband watching his aunt and grandma lose their battle to this horrible disease, has moved us to join forces with this organization in hopes to provide a little comfort.

By supporting this remarkable cause, our hope is to provide countless patients and their families with the gift of a couple free house cleanings, to provide more comfort and take some work off the patients and their families. We firmly believe that a clean, welcoming home can be a source of solace and healing during the most challenging times.

Help us bring a little bit of light to those in the darkest of times, by sharing the link to those you know and love that are suffering from this horrible disease. Together, let’s create a community of compassion, strength, and hope.

With gratitude,
Bob and Jen